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I’ll help you build a business that fits your lifestyle, Mama.

Hey! I’m Dara, mama of three and lifelong fitness trainer.

Like you, my life, my world view and even my career goals changed overnight when I became a mother.

I just KNEW I needed the flexible hours and time with my children that only entrepreneurship could offer.

And I also felt called to work with my fellow mothers, to build a community. To feel supported and to support.

So I left my high-level fitness job at a medical clinic and struck out on my own with a business plan and a dream: To help myself and my fellow mothers.

I found meaning and life-giving energy when I started my business as a mom-and-baby fitness pro.

My body, my brain, my bank account and my heart all flourished. And I’ve never looked back.

Your business can combine profits AND purpose.

Growing up in the fitness world did a number on my self-esteem. I struggled with eating disorders and anxiety during my first 10 years as a personal trainer.

Counting pushups for a living was sucking the soul out of me, and I knew I needed to find MY purpose. How could I stay relevant? How could I wake up every morning EXCITED to go to work?

I built the community that I needed. 

Since 2009 I’ve focused exclusively on pregnant and postpartum mamas through my wildly successful Belly Bootcamp™ classes.

For ten years I’ve crafted and honed the exact strategies which helped me build my business from a single class to a six-figure business with multiple locations and a stable of trainers.

If you’re a trainer, I want to share my secrets and help you establish a wildly successful mom-&-baby fitness business to help you and your clients reach new heights!


The first-of-its-kind #StrollerFitPro Course launches May 1, 2020








Launch and grow a profitable, purpose-driven business that nourishes YOU and your community.