So you’re trying to follow along with a home workout program and they tell you to do “push-ups.”

If you’re a 20 year-old army recruit, “pushups” means only one thing: face down on the ground, and bust ‘em out as fast as possible.

For the rest of us, pushups are best executed when we use a position that lets us fire the RIGHT muscles and avoid strain the WRONG ones.

I mean, no shade to Vanna White here, but that wide-arm, elbows out, head-bobbing pushup form that’s characteristic of beginners is not serving us.

As with EVERY EXERCISE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, changing your positioning can greatly impact how effectively you strengthen your muscles…and in the case of poorly done push-ups, avoid neck, shoulder and core strain.

So here’s a nifty trick I use with almost every client and which works well for us in Belly Bootcamp classes and Mama Reset home workouts. All you need is a set of stairs… and the willingness to swallow your ego and get real about your pushup form.

I promise you a stronger core, back and chest if you do!