4 Pillars To Train Mamas


The 4 Pillars of Incredible Mom-&-Baby Classes

Turn your mamas into walking, smiling advertisements for your incredible classes.

Modern mamas know quality when they see it, and they won’t let you waste their time.

Get organized with the four non-negotiable pillars your mom and baby fitness biz MUST have to succeed, and which turned my little class into a six-figure business with multiple trainers and locations.

Lead With Intention and Authenticity


real-life core & pelvic floor

Core doesn’t have to be a bore. Learn exercises and cues to make every workout a “core” workout. Help clients bridge the gap between pelvic floor treatment and getting back to the life they love.


baby-proof indoor & outdoor classes

Be ready for anything the weather can bring and go way beyond stroller squats in outdoor classes. Keep indoor classes flowing with class plans so fun your mamas will forget they’re exercising!


modifications & progressions for all

Diastasis. Pelvic floor. Bad knees. Toddlers! Create a system to modify classes for beginners and seasoned exercisers alike, so you can maximize resources and keep clients training with you longer.


body positive, uplifting coaching

Never say the wrong thing. Learn how to handle discussions of postpartum body weight and encourage positive body image among your tribe. Become the body-positive leader your mamas need!