CTA Mamas


Hey! I’m Dara.

I’ve got three kids, two decades of training experience and a bunch of media credits to my name. But what matters most is I’ve been through it, just like you, and I’ve discovered the secrets to loving and accepting my postpartum body.

Not settling for achy joints and heart palpitations at the top of the stairs because “who has time to exercise?”

Not feeling unable to keep up with my kiddos or peeing myself at the playground.

You don’t need to settle for feeling uncomfortable.

But you also don’t need to beat your body into submission to feel strong, confident and unstoppable.

You truly can be a work in progress and learn to accept whatever stage your body is at, TODAY. Whether you love every inch of your postpartum body or not, I’ll help you:

🖤 accept your body’s current form and respond to its cues;


🖤 Love your #mombod inside and ouT.

I want to help you find body peace while also living up to the values you hold dear: healthy, active living and being the best mama and role model you can be. Together we’ll:

Change your training, AND your mindset.